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Wallpaper Pack Globule

Wallpaper Pack Globule

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A wallpaper pack containing 4 wallpapers, designed for your phone, though I won't stop you using them anywhere else. It's called Globule, because I googled 'water drop synonym' and I though 'Globule' was by far the most interesting one. Almost to the point that it's funny, though I'm not quite sure why it would be.

This pack contains:

  1. Globule 1
  2. Globule 2
  3. Globule 3
  4. Globule 4

Yes, We're keeping the naming simple for the individidual wallpapers. The pack being called 'Globule' is enough weird naming for now.

About this product

At the time of writing it's december 27th, 2023, and the past few weeks have been hectic. So much so, that I considered not releasing any wallpapers from my work of 2023. Then looking through my archive, I came across these wonderful, almost abstract images of raindrops on windows. How could I withhold those from you?

Still of the opinion that textures and minimalist images make for the best wallpapers, these images I shot in Berlin through the window of a speeding U-bahn are the best addition to the growing collection of simple phone wallpapers.

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Why would I buy a wallpaper?

Of course you can just take any image and use that as your wallpaper. But the reason you buy one is because you wish to support a creative just trying to make a living for himself. If you ask me, it's a solid trade: you receive a nice image for your phone and, in return, you support my work. The latter perhaps being the most important 'benefit' you purchase.

If you want to support me even more, while also striking a good deal on this wallpaper pack, check out the 'discount for members' section below.

Discount for members

Monthly and Yearly members get access to all wallpaper packs for free, including this one! Just login to the member's area and find your coupon code there.

A monthly membership is the same price as a wallpaper pack. Which means signing up saves you money. Especially when you consider that you get the other wallpapers packs for free as well. You might as well become a paid member. The coupon code is available immediately after signing up on the Membership Perks page.

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Thank you so much for shopping with me and for supporting my work. It means a lot, thank you!

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