De Lens Loves You Shop

by Mitchel Lensink


Ranging from short-form magazines to proper books, these publications are made to last. Buying a book or Zine is the best way to support my work.

1st edition

de Ontluiking

De Ontluiking, or the Efflorescence in English, is an ode to the world-leading industry of Dutch festival- and club culture.

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Wallpaper Packs

A nice look for your phone, desktop and tablet. With the most important 'perk' being that you support my work and allow me to continue doing it for free.

  • Verdant Wallpaper Pack

    What works better than a lush green color as a wallpaper? Especially when that green color is displayed in the beautiful organic shapes or nature.

  • Floral Wallpaper Pack

    For the nature lovers out there. This pack contains a selection of beautiful high resolution images of plants and flowers in their prime.

  • Aquatic Wallpaper Pack

    Centered around the abstract textures of the deep blue waters of Greece. A beautifully subtle presence that looks amazing on modern devices.