Hey, I'm Mitch. Welcome to my store.

I am a documentary and street photographer and I make books, zines and other things. Please consider making a purchase, it really helps support my work!

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Browsing through my photography archive, I noticed only a handful of the thousands of images I make each year are fine art print-worthy. That highly curated selection is now available as open and limited edition prints. 

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My publications are lovingly created and take my work from the digital to the physical space. Ranging from short-form magazines to proper books, these publications are made to live on your shelves and coffee tables forever.

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Carefully curated, my wallpaper packs each have a cohesive theme, with understated subjects that complement the minimalistic look of modern devices. Real photography, from real life, with an almost abstract appearance.

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  • My six favorite Fujifilm film simulation recipes of 2023

    I think we can all agree that Fujifilm's film simulations are amazing. That's why I have created six film simulation recipes that have been living on both my Fujifilm X100V and X-Pro3 for the better part of a year now. Give them a try now.

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  • I made a book and started an online store. Coincidence?

    A pungent smell of fresh ink and recently dried glue enters my nostrils the moment Thijs opens his front door. It’s difficult to pass through his hallway and enter the living room because there’s a literal wall of boxes in the way.

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  • Get up and do something with your life, consistently

    It's important to note that I don't wait for motivation to hit before going out, it's a myth. Motivation is hard to rely upon, because it rarely hits when you're just sitting there. Doing something repeatedly doesn't require motivation, it requires discipline.

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