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The Silence Around (Zine)

The Silence Around (Zine)

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Panorama photos that allowed people to take a step back from the hectics of modern life.

NOTE: The essay at the start of this zine is written in Dutch

Pub date: August 12, 2020
Printed & Bound: Blurb
ISBN: 978-1-71-533119-1
Pages: 44
Edition: 20 physical copies (eBook unlimited)
eBook ISBN: 978-1715420345
eBook filetype: .epub & .mobi

De Stilte Rondom, or The Silence Around, is a photography project that features three full 360 degrees panorama photos. These three photos are the anchors of the full, 33 image, project.

The goal of the project is to provide people with a place to escape the harsh realities of the world and get back in touch with its peaceful areas.

Three installations have been built to house these panoramas, where the panoramas are presented in three full 360 degree circles. These three circles travel around to different places so that people can experience The Silence Around in real life.

A micro-experience of peace, in a hectic world.


  • 44 full color double-sided pages
  • US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
  • Sewn paperback (Patabind) with cover flaps
  • 280 grams scratch-proof laminated cover
  • 150 grams pages
  • Ships from The Netherlands


  1. Intro essay
  2. Arkemheen-Eemland
  3. Jericho & Jeruzalem
  4. De Schammer & Bloeidaal
  5. 360 degree images overview

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